Online Open Studios

“The respect and encouragement that the staff gives the children makes us feel safe and loved.” 
– Lefika La Phodiso child
“Even though we are online it’s still an uplifting environment and we are all bonded by the fact that we are living through the same pandemic.” – Participant in an online workshop

Lefika La Phodiso is a home space for children. The term itself, in this context, is not without irony, as in some instances the children’s home spaces are not safe spaces. Pre-pandemic we had never considered utilising online communication. For a start, we are mindful that data and devices are not a given, furthermore the internet, unsupervised, is not a safe space. However, we had to overcome these misgivings and reach out in the only way we could; online. If one child benefited from this, then it was worthwhile. These video activities were created during lockdown and still provide a valuable resource for children, parents and people who work with children

Funders & Donors

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